About Us:

K & S Engineers, Inc. has provided professional engineering consulting services for more than 25 years to both public and private agencies. Our services include Geotechnical Drilling Services and Design, Construction and Materials Engineering, Testing of Soils, Construction Inspection and Environmental Engineering (Phase I and II). In addition, K & S performs Drilled Shaft Construction and Forensic Investigation of construction materials. Through our many years of service, we have developed a sizeable list of clients who continue to rely on us. Our reputation has been enhanced by our honest appraisal of problems presented for consideration and by an objective approach to solutions. At K & S, we strive to prevent any conflict of interest with the clients that we serve. Principals of the firm have served as expert witnesses in numerous court cases concerning damage claims and liability suits involving construction materials.

Our organization is certified as a DBE and/or MBE with the States of Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin, City of Indianapolis, Cook County, City of Chicago, CTA, Metra and Pace under IL UCP, CMBDC, MWRDGC and the DuPage Community Development Commission.

K & S has extensive experience in geotechnical, environmental, and construction materials testing and analysis. We have three offices — Highland and Indianapolis, Indiana and Lombard, Illinois. Our offices are staffed with well-qualified registered Professional Engineers, Professional Geologists, and certified and qualified Technicians. At K & S, we strive for successful completion of each project by providing well-qualified personnel to furnish superior quality testing while maintaining a fast turnaround on all analysis and reporting.